You should state your complaint briefly and clearly by providing all the relevant information.

You should try to resolve the problem by talking directly with the trader before lodging a complaint. Many complaints can be settled this way. We recommend that you should do this first if you have not done so.

Your complaint must be supported with relevant information depending on cases, e.g. invoices, bills, any form of conversation, receipts, vehicle registration number, account number, repair or service documents and etc.

We endeavour to resolve consumers’ complaints, but do not guarantee that every complaint can be resolved. There is also no time-frame for resolving complaints as their nature and complexity varies.

We solely act as a Mediator to resolve dispute between parties and do not have the authority to take action or compel any party. In the event the dispute could not be resolved from our end, the complaint should be directed to the Authority or you may seek help from a legal advisor who specialises in your problem such as Solicitor.

After receiving a letter from us, the party complained against may choose to deal directly with the complainant and resolve the matter. If this happens the consumer must give his/her co-operation and inform us so that we can close our file.

By filling in the complaint form you are confirming that:

  1. You have read and understood the way the Consumer Complaints Section at NCCC operates and the extent to which the NCCC may help you with your complaint.
  2. We have your authorisation to contact the service provider or operator you are complaining about and to request copies of any documentation relating to your complaint.
  3. We will need to handle personal details about you, which could include sensitive information, in order to deal with your complaint effectively.
  4. We may need to exchange information about your complaint with other organizations.
  5. We handle complaints by means of the exchange of correspondence and/or meetings. We may use the facts in your complaint as an example of where and how things can go wrong, but we will respect your privacy and keep your personal information strictly confidential, except as authorized above.
  6. To the best of your knowledge, the information furnished in the complaint form is true, accurate, correct and complete.